In 2014 less than 5,000 people made Aliyah from North America to Israel. The Jewish population of North America just surpassed 6 million Jews. Nefesh B’Nefesh has done a good job streamlining and sustaining Aliyah as a partner with The Jewish Agency, The Israeli Aliyah Department and The Israeli Absorption Department.



The four biggest challenges to making a successful Aliyah to Israel are -


1. Fluency in Hebrew to conduct business or attain meaningful employment choices.

2. Fear of the culture, unrest or the unknown.

3. Family cohesion and/or lack of family in Israel for support.

4. Financial support to overcome the time factor, lifestyle challenges and happiness.


Through the mentorship program at the Israel Aliyah Fund we will overcome all four of these F’s. We are building a community that will invest in the people that are making Aliyah in the next 18 months., Through the Israel Aliyah community they will succeed and the State of Israel will continue to flourish. We are seeking your input today to bring over 100,000 Jews from North America to Israel by 2020. Our mission is to bring over 1 million Jews to israel by 2050.


A study conducted by the accounting and consulting firm Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar shows the overwhelming contribution western immigrants to Israel have made to the country’s economy.  This analysis was conducted based on accumulated data of about 18,000 US/Canadian immigrants who made Aliyah between the years 2002-2008. According to the study, households of these immigrants “pay back” the Israeli government’s investment in them within the first year of their arrival, and are already a significant source of income for the country within five years. The 6,493 households which made Aliyah through between 2002 and 2008 have yielded a whopping 989 million shekels, with the cost of absorbing them standing at only NIS 528 million, leaving the immigrants’ contribution at NIS 461 million in that short period.


Visiting friends and family of the Olim in this study also gave a boost to the economy by supporting the national tourism industry to the tune of NIS 347 million.  Adding this to the tally, Olim were accountable for a total GNP contribution of NIS 808 million (over $212 million) within those six years. Considering the passage of a few years since this study was conducted, and the continued employment and success of these western Olim, that number could be higher than NIS 3 billion today.


The success of these western Olim can be tied to three key factors: 1. The high level of higher education found among western immigrants. Their level (75% have a bachelor’s degree or higher) is significantly higher than the average in Israel. 2. Western immigrants tend to arrive with considerable valuable assets. 3. Many tourists are attracted to Israel by these western Olim, whose families and friends have pumped hundreds of millions of shekels in tourist dollars into the economy.


Other interesting findings include the high employment eligibility of these western Olim (81% of adult western immigrants are at the age of employment), and their overwhelming success in finding a job (almost 90% are employed within one year of arrival).

The IAF is the first intellectual capital fund using a complex metrics to determine a person's earning potential.

The Israel Aliyah Fund is the anti-red tape solution to finding practical solutions to the most challenging obstacles Olim face when making Aliyah. Through a robust interactive matching program, mentors dedicated to investing in the future of Israel, help real people navigate, connect and thrive in Israel.

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